Barcode:  9781789891515 Dimensions:  280 x 215 mm Number of pages:  144 Description:  Science (Curious Questions and Answers) is a brilliantly bonkers book that takes a sideways look at all that is wild, wonderful and downright weird about science for kids aged 5+. Mind-boggling questions and answers. Fresh, modern illustrations will appeal to children. Special spreads focus on incredible numbers, mind-blowing facts, quick-fire questions and answers, and pose fun questions to the reader. Science (Curious Questions & Answers) is packed with facts including sections on animals, plants and the human body. Quirky, colourful illustrations and playful text reveal the amazing answers to the most curious of questions. Find out what made the loudest sound ever heard, why spiders do cartwheels and what happens inside your intestines Format:  Hard Cover Category: , .